1966 年
Born in Tanjung Balai , Asahan , Sumatera Utara , Indonesia

1982 年
He started to play guitar after he saw his classmate played well

1985 年
He started to teach guitar and arranged some pop music with nylon string guitar

1986 年
He went to Taiwan for study Mechanical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University , Tainan . Live in Taiwan until now

1987 年
His first book that arrangement solo guitar music published by few famous classic guitar teachers in Taiwan . This book is out of print now , arranged some famous Movies , TVs sound track

1988 年 ~ 1995 年
He started to sing at music restaurant , piano bar with his guitar as a singer also played solo guitar music until 1995

1994 年 ~ 1996 年
With some friends he ran a music school called ” GuiTar Music College (GTMC) in Tainan , This is the first time he started to promote solo guitar music in Taiwan , teaching at the guitar club in the University all around Taiwan

1997 年
He founded a guitar club called ” Acoustic GuiTar Music (AGTM) ” and started to promote solo guitar music by internet , Taiwanese guitar music fans start to have a meeting and played guitar together every month

1998 年
He released the first various artist’s CD ” Realm of Wind ” , one of his composition was famous in Taiwan until now , so many young generation started to play Fingerstyle Guitar cause of the tapping technique that he used with Pentatonic scale melodies , easy to learned and played

1999 年
He released the second various artist’s CD ” Portrait of Strings ” before summer and the third various artist’s CD ” ” that arranged a lot of cartoon and games music at the end of year . In October , He organized the first Fingerstyle Guitar Concert in Taiwan that invited a famous American Fingerstyle Guitarist Steven King

2000 年
He organized the second Fingerstyle Guitar Concert in Spring with famous Guitarist from Germany Peter Finger , at this time He met Japanese virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitarist Isato Nakagawa , then concert again for Ulli Boegershausen in October . Published the fourth various artist’s CD ” Ti-Hu “

2001 年
Vision Quest published his arrangement guitar music method book . He invited Isato Nakagawa for the concert tour in Spring and Canadian famous Fingerstyle Guitarist Don Ross in October

2002 年
He founded Wind Strings Publications.,Inc company that published Fingerstyle Guitar Music Books . His dream is to let all the Guitar Fans in Taiwan can easily found Fingerstyle Music material also can keep all the material in the Library , so our next generation can learn it too . He invited “To be Two” a duo group from Germany , Vocal: Christiana Weber , Guitarist : Eddie Nunning for a tour in Spring time and famous Belgian Master Jacques Stotzem in September that joined by Isato Nakagawa and Masaaki Kishibe also Peter Finger for the second tour in Taiwan at December , Peter Finger help him a lot to push the Fingerstyle Music in Taiwan

2003 年
He arranged again a tour for Isato Nakagawa and Masa Sumide for the spring time but It is a pity that cause of SARS this concert was cancelled . At November He published an album with book that arrangement Chinese POP Music for solo guitar that called ” PURE ” . then on December he invited again Jacques Stotzem for Taiwan tour and this concert joined by Andy McKee from State , This is the first Andy McKee’s abroad tour , at the same time He organized the First Fingerstyle Guitar Contest in Taiwan

2004 年
He published an album with book that arrangement Taiwanese Songs for solo guitar that called ” Discolored Age ” with his students and friends . Spring time he invited again Andy McKee , Masaaki Kishibe , Masa Sumide , Isato Nakagawa for a concert tour . On July He published an album with book that arrangement Western POP Music for solo guitar that called ” Fall in Love ” . At September He joined Winfield Winner Contest in Kansas and the end of November He invited Andy McKee for a clinic tour . At December he invited again Peter Finger , Jacques Stotzem , Ulli Boegershausen and Don Alder for a concert tour also organized the second Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Taiwan

2005 年
to be continue ……